The third biennial Conference on Human Formation will address mental health concerns that commonly arise among men and women pursuing priesthood and religious life.

Plenary sessions will provide an overview of the main areas of psychological functioning (affect, behavior, cognition and relationship) and help participants better understand problems that frequently occur within each of these domains. Workshops will deal in depth with several specific psychological disorders and address questions related to screening candidates, making referrals, and helping superiors and formation personnel participate more effectively in the mental health of their charges.

Plenary Sessions

  • Plenary 1 - Mental Health 101
  • Plenary 2 - Affect: Understanding Mood & Anxiety Disorders
  • Plenary 3 - Behavior: Understanding Addictions & Compulsive Behaviors
  • Plenary 4 - Relationship: Understanding Personality Disorders

Workshop Topics

  • How to refer & participate in a candidate’s treatment
  • Dealing with histories of trauma and sexual abuse
  • Addressing intellectual deficits and learning difficulties
  • Internet pornography & online addictions
  • Monitoring progress and judging suitability for continuation in formation
  • Deciding between counseling and spiritual direction
  • Fostering emotional intelligence in formation
  • And more…