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An Exploration of Prayer


Kathleen Hope Brown, D.Min., explores prayer forms that can lead us into stillness and silence.

1 hour

Product Description


Prayer is how we nurture our relationship with God. There are many kinds of prayer, including communal, liturgical, rote, and contemplative prayer. Contemplative prayer, characterized by being with God in stillness and silence, can help us find peace in a noisy, busy world. Kathleen Hope Brown, D.Min., explores prayer forms from our rich spiritual traditions – Ignatian, Carmelite, Salesian, Benedictine – that can lead us into that stillness and silence.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore various ways of entering into contemplative prayer
  2. Identify styles of prayer that can serve individual spiritual needs
  3. Learn strategies for finding stillness and silence through prayer

Reflection Questions

  1. As I enter into prayer, do I allow time and space for God to speak, or do I tend to do all of the talking?
  2. What movements in my heart am I experiencing now when I pray?
  3. As I reflect on my own prayer practices, are they deepening my prayer life, or do I feel the need to explore new ways to pray?