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Living Celibacy Webinar Series


Br. John Mark Falkenhain, OSB, Ph.D., presents a four-part, multifaceted model of celibacy as a lived experience.

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I. Celibacy as Lived Experience: An Overview

This session provides an overview of key facets to be understood and examined when forming and evaluating candidates and community members for chaste celibacy. Particular attention is given to exploring the various theologies of celibacy and other motives (both healthy and unhealthy) that draw and keep individuals in the celibate life.

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II. Sexual Identity: A Multi-Factored Model

Br. John Mark provides a multi-factored definition of sexual identity, with particular attention to the concepts of gender and sexual orientation, as well as how our sexual history and values influence how we identify ourselves as sexual people.

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III. Sexual Integrity and Integration

Building on the concept of sexual identity articulated in the prior session, Br. John Mark addresses what sexual integrity and sexual integration look like in the context of a commitment to chaste celibacy. This discussion of sexual integration is informed by the realities of typical human development, with the aim of helping vocation directors and formation directors better understand a candidate’s relationship to his or her sexuality.

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IV. Affective Maturity and Emotional Intelligence

The final session of the series examines emotional intelligence as an important skill for living chaste celibacy well. Discussion includes specific indicators of emotional intelligence and affective maturity, as well as suggestions for how to assess and form candidates for this important aspect of affective maturity.

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