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Contributing to a Depolarized World


Br. John Mark Falkenhain, OSB, Ph.D., offers strategies for decreasing polarization and building community.

1 hour

Product Description


Extreme polarization is a phenomenon affecting not only our national political life, but also relationships within the Church, our families and our local communities. Br. John Mark Falkenhain, OSB, Ph.D., discusses the primary drivers of societal polarization and how Christian spirituality offers a potential antidote to what research suggests divides us in extreme ways. The presentation emphasizes practical disciplines and strategies for depolarizing the communities in which we live.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore how over-dependence on electronic communication and social media contribute to polarization
  2. Discover how promotion of false dichotomies undermines communication and encourages extremism
  3. Identify skills for communicating across differences and promoting diversity of opinion in ways that build community

Reflection Questions

  1. How do I contribute to polarization in my own community?
  2. What are three habits I could adopt or change to help depolarize the world around me?
  3. As a leader, how can I encourage others in my community to work toward depolarization?