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taylor dietz

Navigating Cultural Identity: Deepening Understanding of Ourselves & Others


Crystal Taylor-Dietz, Psy.D., offers skills for navigating cross-cultural interactions.

Product Description


The ever-growing diversity of the Church and our world continues to enrich and challenge pastoral ministers in new ways. Identity development, or the way we define ourselves in relationship to the world around us, is influenced by ethnicity, nationality, race, gender and a variety of other factors. Learning how cultural identity is formed over time can help us gain a more holistic understanding of ourselves and others. Crystal Taylor-Dietz, Psy.D., explores key aspects of identity development and offers skills for navigating cross-cultural interactions in pastoral and community life. The discussion includes case studies and real-world challenges facing ministry leaders.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. Learn about the process of identity development;
  2. Explore the concept of intersectionality and its potential effect on communication and behavior;
  3. Identify ways attention to identity and intersectionality can result in more effective ministry outcomes.

Who Should Participate

Priests, deacons, men and women religious, lay ministers, and those involved in vocations, formation, or clergy and ministry personnel needs.

Reflection Questions

Questions for reflection and discussion prior to the learning session are provided below.

  1. What are the different aspects of my identity that inform my world view and the way I approach daily interactions?
  2. Have I had cross-cultural interactions where I felt ill-equipped to minister effectively?
  3. Are there aspects of identity that I regularly find hard to manage when working with others?