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Skills for Managing Depression Series


Learn tools for sustainably managing depression over time.

6 hours

Product Description

Many of us are experiencing varying levels of depression as a result of the global pandemic, and the long-term mental health impact on our society is likely to be significant. This series will help you set realistic goals for recovery and build a toolbox for day-to-day management of depression.

I. Depression: An Introduction

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The introductory session provides an overview of different types of depression and their associated symptoms, differentiates depression from sadness, and introduces the concept of the “spiral of depression” as a tool for hope and managing depression over time.

II. Causes & Risk Factors

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This session explores common causes and vulnerabilities for depression as well as triggers and factors that negatively impact the length and intensity of depressive episodes. Participants will learn the basics of anti-depressant medication, construct a depression timeline and learn how to set realistic goals for recovery.

III. Behavior & Lifestyle Strategies

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The tools related to behavioral and lifestyle choices are perhaps the simplest, but they can be the most difficult to implement. This session explores the impact of diet, exercise, sleep and other factors on the recovery process, as well as how setting behavioral goals can help minimize risk of future depressive episodes.

IV. The Thought-Emotion Connection

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The connection between thoughts and feelings and how they impact our behavior is critical to understanding and managing depressive symptoms. This session explores how common thinking errors and emotional mismanagement can feed depression. Participants will discover healthy ways to reframe the relationship between what we think, how we feel, and what we do.

V. Social & Environmental Considerations

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Our interactions with others and the world around us are a major influence on our vulnerability and ability to manage depression. This session includes discussion of prevalent social factors, including isolation, and environmental factors, including overwork. Participants will learn ways to address these potential pitfalls in building their toolbox for managing depression.

VI. Impact on Spirituality

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The series concludes with an exploration of depression’s impact on the spiritual life and how to find support and hope in this key area. Participants will use the skills and tools learned throughout the series to develop a depression lapse chain and a long-term depression management plan complete with concrete coping strategies.

Series Presenter

Nancy A. Kluge, Ph.D., LCPC, has been a therapist on the staff at Saint Luke Institute since 2008.

Registration Includes

  • Unlimited access to six recorded presentations
  • Downloadable resources, including presentation slides, recovery worksheets and more