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Tending the Flame: Spirituality in Times of Stress

God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.
– Mother Teresa

Our relationship with Jesus provides an essential foundation for our faith. Jesus amplifies God’s love for us and creates a deep reservoir from which we can draw strength. In times of stress and uncertainty it is helpful to rely on the foundational practices and prayers of our faith.

Even in today’s context of disruption and uncertainty, prayer and ritual are possible, and more important than ever. It can be helpful to establish a daily pattern of prayer and reflection — individually, with family, or in community.

As Catholics we can support one another on the phone, online, and by letter. We can also participate in the Mass and pray through the resources and links provided below. From prayers learned as children, to praying with Scripture, and through meditation and song we can deepen our relationship with Jesus.

Online Resources


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Prayer Practices

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