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Helping Shared Parishes Succeed

For more resources, visit http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/cultural-diversity/.

Source: Mar Muñoz-Visoso, Executive Director, Secretariat for Cultural Diversity, USCCB

  •  Meet people where they are. Work to understand the needs and traditions of all those who call a parish home.
  • Make people feel welcome. Allow various communities to grow on their own. Parallel groups give each community a sense of identity.
  • Build bridges. Find common opportunities for formation and to develop dialogue.
  • Recognize that multilingual liturgies may be appropriate on special occasions, but all communities may feel unprepared if they are held too early or too often.
  • Access Best Practices for Shared Parishes: That All May Be One, a guide from the USCCB (http://store.usccb.org).