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Web Series

Aging into Wholeness: A Web Series with Bro. Don Bisson

In a special five-part series for SLIconnect, Marist Brother Don Bisson discusses psychological, spiritual, pastoral and ministerial needs and responses to aging.

1. Aging as Symbol: A Psychological View

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2. A Spirituality of Aging

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Learn more about the other parts of the series.

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Anxiety: Benefits and Drawbacks

While it is usually associated with negative experiences, anxiety can also have some benefits and serve a useful purpose in certain situations.

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Trauma & Relationships: Accompaniment, Compassion, Supportive Healing

Emily R. Cash, Psy.D., of Saint Luke Institute offers skills and tools to accompany, understand, work with and support those who carry the experience of trauma.

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Doing the Work: Navigating Individual and Organizational Change

Emily R. Cash, Psy.D., offers tools for growing and developing through change rather than simply surviving it.

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Resources for Resiliency

Practical skills for navigating challenging times

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