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Celibacy Formation

Healthy, sustainable celibacy for clergy and consecrated religious

The Living Celibacy Series

Br. John Mark Falkenhain, OSB, Ph.D., presents a four-part, multifaceted model of celibacy as a lived experience.

Intentional Celibate Sexuality in a Joyful Gospel Ministry

Rev. Msgr. Stephen Rossetti, D.Min., Ph.D., explores how to joyfully embrace and positively express sexuality in a celibate vocation.

Pastoral Skills: Addressing Pornography Use

Exposure to pornography is becoming inevitable in our culture, posing a unique challenge for ministry leaders. We have a variety of resources for tackling this difficult issue.

Practical Models for Celibacy Formation

View on-demand recordings of the workshops presented at Practical Models for Celibacy Formation, the first Conference on Human Formation.