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Resiliency in Times of Crisis

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Making Meaning: Resilient Responses to Trauma

Rev. Msgr. Stephen Rossetti, D.Min., Ph.D., explores healthy ways to manage our own response and provide effective pastoral care for others.

Spiritual Growth in Times of Crisis

Rev. David Songy, O.F.M.Cap., S.T.D., Psy.D., discusses practical ways to approach the spiritual life in these challenging times.

Managing Interpersonal Tensions

Tips for alleviating the inevitable tensions of too much togetherness.

Finding Meaning in Challenging Times

Loss of meaning is often the quickest path to burnout.

Finding Your Inner Contemplative

Consider using this time of social distancing to focus your gaze more intensely on the bit of God’s creation right around and within you.

Keys to Psychological Stability

Simple strategies for maintaining emotional and psychological health.

Transformative Grief

In this unusual time of collective and individual grief in our society, Emily Cash, Psy.D., offers skills for engaging the grieving process in a healthy way.

Participating in the Sacraments during Social Distancing

Practical ways to experience the sacraments, even in isolation.

Building Resilience to Beat Burnout

Taryn Millar, Psy.D., offers skills for building personal resilience and preventing ministry burnout.

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety

Practical strategies for managing the psychological impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Grace Under Pressure: Increasing Your Stress Tolerance

Emily Cash, Psy.D., identifies healthy ways to manage our response to stressful situations.

How to Pray in Times of Crisis

Simple guidelines for prayer from Saint Luke Institute president Rev. David Songy, O.F.M.Cap., S.T.D., Psy.D.

Managing Anxiety: How Fear Keeps Us Alive

Michael R. Pollard, LCSW, offers strategies for managing anxious feelings in a healthy, effective way.

Tending the Flame

Even in today’s context of disruption and uncertainty, prayer and ritual are possible, and they are more important than ever.

Understanding Spiritual Desolation

Rev. David Songy, O.F.M.Cap., S.T.D., Psy.D., discusses the purpose of spiritual desolation and how to be open to the grace God wishes to bestow.

When Listening Matters Most

In these complicated times, being an intentional, compassionate listener can be the most helpful way to support someone who is struggling.

The Importance of Self-Compassion

Be kind to yourself. Managing the everyday is enough for now.

Prayer & Spiritual Life in Times of Stress

Prayer can guide us and provide great comfort. Seek to develop a daily discipline of quiet and receptivity to God.