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Group continuing formation

SLIconnect webinars, on-demand presentations and publications can help Church leaders create a culture of continuing formation. Group subscriptions allow groups of 5 or more to pay an annual fee and receive unlimited access to all SLIconnect resources for 12 months. Below are some ways you can use your group subscription.

Want to know how to share a presentation with a group? downloadfile Download our Technology Tips for Group Formation (PDF).

Staff professional development

SLIconnect is an easy way to help parish and diocesan staff minister more effectively and work more effectively with each other, volunteers and parishioners.

Popular topics include navigating challenging personalities, mindfulness, discernment, managing stress, preventing ministry burnout and more.

Consider including tips from Renew & Reflect articles in a parish bulletin, website, newsletter or emails to staff. Topics include sleep tips, easy exercises to prevent pain, and handling grief and loss.

Priest groups, deanery meetings and leadership team training

Watch and discuss a recorded webinar at a priest support group, deanery meeting or with your leadership team. Suggested topics include addressing cybersex in the confessional and in spiritual direction, burnout, healthy boundaries, Internet pornography risks – even how to develop an effective fitness plan.


Our spirituality webinars and webinars on topics such as mindfulness and embracing transition can be used as part of a retreat; for example, as an opening session or pre-retreat presentation to encourage reflection on the retreat topic.

Seminary and formation training

The Foundations seminary program, a comprehensive online formation curriculum for seminaries, is now available for purchase.

In addition, our webinars can be used as a classroom resource or provide extra support for individual students. Suggested topics include navigating challenging personalities, managing stress and mindfulness.

Formation faculty can benefit from webinars such as our Living Celibacy webinar series, Internet pornography, understanding behavioral addictions, healthy boundaries, and more.

Personal enrichment and formation

Participate in a live webinar or watch the recording when it is most convenient for you – day or night, any day of the week, as long as you have access to a computer and an Internet connection.

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