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Suicide Prevention: Ask the Question Directly to Save a Life

Learning more about suicide can help us build the courage to face this issue head on, ultimately saving lives and helping heal those we serve.

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The Importance of Self-Compassion

There is growing evidence that treating ourselves kindly when confronted with personal failures can improve emotional well-being and increase our ability to withstand the impact of negative events.

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Trauma: Extraordinary Challenges & Opportunities

The difficult behavior of a person dealing with trauma can create tension in a ministry environment. Knowing more about the psychological impact of trauma can help us minister more effectively to individuals in distress.

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Humor: Health for You & Your Ministry

There are a variety of physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits associated with humor. Research suggests that sharing a humorous moment as a group can result in a positive impact on the health and stability of the group as a whole.

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Gender Matters: Women & Depression

Women are more vulnerable to depression than men, and are often at risk for misdiagnosis. Learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression in women and offer appropriate support can help us be more effective in our ministry.

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Every Z Counts: The Importance of Sleep

Sleep loss, even an hour or two a night, can have a significant impact on our physical, cognitive and psychosocial functioning. Learn why getting that extra bit of good sleep matters.

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