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Keep the conversation going on critical issues in spiritual & psychological health.

Suicide Prevention: Ask the Question Directly to Save a Life

Learning more about suicide can help us build the courage to face this issue head on, ultimately saving lives and helping heal those we serve.

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The Importance of Self-Compassion

Treating ourselves kindly when confronted with personal failures can improve emotional well-being and increase our ability to withstand the impact of negative events.

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Trauma: Extraordinary Challenges & Opportunities

Learn how to minister more effectively to those struggling with the lasting impact of trauma.

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Humor: Health for You & Your Ministry

Using humor as a leadership and communication tool can positively impact the health and stability of those around you.

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Gender Matters: Women & Depression

Learn the signs and symptoms of depression that are unique to women women and offer appropriate support.

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Every Z Counts: The Importance of Sleep

Sleep loss, even an hour or two a night, can have a significant impact on our physical, cognitive and psychosocial functioning. Learn why getting that extra bit of good sleep matters.

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