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Emotional Intelligence & Effective Leadership


Rev. Hugh Lagan, SMA, Psy.D., explores how emotional intelligence skills can help us become more effective leaders.

Product Description


Emotional intelligence (EI) is how we express and manage emotions – our own, and the emotional response of others. Studies indicate that clergy and religious with high levels of emotional intelligence report elevated work satisfaction, strong leadership potential, effective conflict management style, advanced empathy skills and healthy relationships with their peers and congregants. In this two-part series, Rev. Hugh Lagan, SMA, Psy.D., explores how emotional intelligence can help us successfully navigate complicated relationships and become more effective leaders.

Part two, Emotional Intelligence & Difficult People, is also available for purchase on-demand.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. Explore how EI competencies enhance both personal development and leadership ability;
  2. Learn about the connection between EI and resiliency; and
  3. Identify personal EI strengths and vulnerabilities.

Who Should Participate

Priests, deacons, men and women religious, lay ministers, and those involved in vocations, formation, or clergy and ministry personnel needs.

Reflection Questions

Questions for reflection and discussion prior to the learning session are provided below.

  1. Is it true that EI can be considered more important than IQ?
  2. I read that 90% of leadership success rests with emotional competencies – is this true?
  3. Why do I find it so difficult to say “no” in my ministry?