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Strength Journey Series


Explore how to maximize meaning and personal fulfillment in ministry with Rev. Hugh Lagan, SMA, Psy.D.

Product Description

Series Overview

This four-part series, presented by Rev. Hugh Lagan, SMA, Psy.D., explores how to maximize meaning and personal fulfillment in ministry. Purchase includes access to four one-hour recorded presentations and accompanying presentation slides.

Your Strength Journey: Discovering Happiness in Ministry

This presentation highlights specific factors that enhance well-being in the lives of clergy and religious, such as a healthy spiritual life; service to others; secure self-esteem; and a strong network of support comprised of church leaders, other priests, family, friends, and parishioners. Recent research about the links between healthy spirituality, psychological health, ministry engagement, and overall life satisfaction is shared.

Continuing Your Strength Journey: From Vulnerability to Opportunity

Fr. Lagan explores the impact of cumulative stress on the lives of clergy and offer practical tools for developing a personal plan of self-care.

Deepening Your Strength Journey: Creating a Life Worth Living

Fr. Lagan offers practical ways to achieve a deeper sense of well-being, meaning and purpose in life. Participants will learn ways to apply the key components of well-being and career satisfaction to their personal ministry.

Living Your Strength Journey: Strength-based Ministry

Fr. Lagan offers ways for nurturing a strength-based worldview in order to productively engage the challenges and joys of priestly life and ministry. Participants are encouraged to complete the Values in Action Survey of Character Strengths© to assist in identifying core character and ministerial strengths.

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Rev. Hugh Lagan, SMA, Psy.D.